Artie: Hey, what are you opening with?
Hank: Spinning Wheel, but you know, with a Latin flavour.
Artie: Sounds like a showstopper!
Hank: Oh, it is, it is!
Artie: Hank. You don't open with a showstopper.

- The Larry Sanders Show, "Larry's Agent"

The opening seconds of songs are very important to me and the opening seconds of albums are even more so. I always had Tailwind on Stone in mind to start the album but I couldn't bear to have the first sound you hear be a simple unaccompanied 4/4 drum beat. I wanted a pointed fake-out intro like the Roots on Phrenology, making a brutal break with the past. Showstopper starts with me hitting play a Volca Beats and tapping my wedding ring on a glass, followed by an excerpt from an unreleased song from the Dallas sessions called "Win Condition" - not a bad song, but far more rigid and mechanical than anything I was interested in working with anymore - which for this album I purposefully overstuffed with extra synth and noise and piano to make it ugly and unlovable. It was so impulsive and fun and helped inspire the approach I took to reworking every other song on the album.